Test Yourself

Answer all the questions below to understand your level of Anxiety !

As the actual exam date approaches, the more difficult it becomes for me to concentrate on the material I need to learn.


When I’m studying for the exam I’m afraid that on the day of the exam I’ll forget everything I learned.


I believe that thou I studied I will for sure fail my exam.


During the time I need to perform I will lose focus and not able to remember the material I knew well before the performance or test.


I remember correct answer to the exam’s questions only after I have completed the exam.


I’m so worried before the exam or performance that when the time comes I am exhausted and worn out.


I deflect and defer tasks because I feel that no matter what I do, it will not be good enough


Before and during the exam, my body responds to stress sweating, dizziness and abdominal pain / diarrhea.


During the exam, instead of concentrating on the writing, my thoughts wandering.


After the Exam has ended, I continue to worry that I will get a low score.


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