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Tips to reduce test anxiety amongst students
What can you do to reduce test anxiety, and how you can master you anxiety before your next test Test anxiety is a physiological state of over excitement with the feelings of worry and fear of the unknown. A person feels so over whelmed that even a simple task feels like a major challenge. This particular situation occurs mostly during exams and ability to perform well is affected. Students often get various negative thoughts and they don’t feel normal and cannot focus and get easily distracted. Exam anxiety is common among student population of the world. Some stress is… Full Story
Performance Anxiety in Sports
Professional players have a tendency to be put under a great deal of stress. In a few cases, the anxiety gets them and they fail to execute Performance anxiety in sports. Imagine this: You’re at the most important game of your life and many individuals in the audience are droning your name. Exactly as you see your big chance to change the game, the anxiety is taking control and you can feel yourself clasping under the stress. Just a few seconds later, you’re out. You lost your chance. This is not a great situation, however for a few boxers, this… Full Story
What Every Musician Should Know About Performance Anxiety
It is the common territory of musicians to have stage fright before they indulge in a performance in front of an audience. What can be done about this performance anxiety? Even the most celebrated artists feels the pang of nervousness before a performance. It is imperative to realize that no amount of such nervousness and anxiousness can actually deter the musicians to relay their best towards a performance. This is a common syndrome that is experienced by every musician, no matter how professional he or she may be, at any point of time of his or her given career. There… Full Story
Overcoming Test Anxiety: Relax, it’s Only a Test
The exam period is almost here, and millions of students are turning to a variety of chemicals to overcome test anxiety The leaflet of one of the medication for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders said: “ADHD is a behavioral disorder in children and adolescents. Closer to 3% of children suffering from this disorder”. So how is it possible that if only 3% of the population fit the profile of this medication, which is registered under the dangerous drugs bill, it (and similar solutions) have become routine for so many students around the world? The answer is simple: as… Full Story
Test Anxiety Inventory: Check Yourself
Exam day arrived. Although you learned days and nights you feel that maybe you are not proficient in the subject. Maybe you have not learned enough. You might forget all the material once the exam papers are be placed on your desk. Do you suffer from test anxiety? Check yourself with our test anxiety inventory  Then start the test, and it comes with stomach ache, and even dizziness. The letters begin to blurred and your brain is completely in black out. All the answers were gone. You give up and comforting yourself in any other way,… Full Story
10 Stupid Things Students Do While Cramming on Account of Test Anxiety
The torturous academic schedules have often led to a scenario where a student finds himself a midst exams that have a lot of syllabus to be covered in a short frame of time. Here are 10 crazy things a student normally indulges in while cramming for exams:  Assuming oneself to be a supercomputer: Often the idea that students embark on is to master a semester’s worth syllabus into a cramming session of two or three hours. The night Study: 12 hours of night study of continual cramming can only be fostered via a supercomputer or a machine.  Highlighting and decorating: Coloring your… Full Story
8 Tips to Overcome Stage Fright
Almost all of the greatest performers in the world have suffered from stage fright at some point or other. All of us have witnessed or experienced stage anxiety at some point of time; whether it was the nursery play or the performance of a life time. Often the most common ways to deal with this performance anxiety are the following ingenious ways: Relax the body: It is best advised to relax the body so that it calms the nerves down. Practice your performance: It is always advised to practice the performance as it can bring forth subtle confidence. Consume a banana:… Full Story

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