NaturaX Affiliate Program

What is the Naturax Affiliation Program?

The NaturaX Affiliate Program is a FREE opportunity that allows you to earn money by placing our banners and links on your site. When visitors click on the links and buy our product from our online store, you will make a commission on each purchase.

What does it mean to be and Affiliate ?

You will make a commission on all sales originating from our links placed on your site.
You can sit back and let us do the work! We will do all the order processing, ship the products and handle all customer service issues.

Why you should become a NaturaX affiliate:

Anyone who has ever bought a remedy for Anxiety in regular retail shops knows how expensive these products can be. This is why when people discovered they can buy the same products online at duty-free rates, everything changed.

Naturax offers you the chance to be part of this great online market by joining our Affiliation program,. We will provide you with a complete set of marketing tools including banners, coupons and much more and if you require some creative, we are just one email away.

Our conversion rate is incredibly high and on top of it all we offer the highest commissions in the anxiety relieve affiliate industry -up to 25% commission on each sale. The partners of our affiliate program enjoy increased revenue, better conversions and our full support.


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Why NaturaX Anxiety Relieve Kit?

30% of the world’s population suffers in different levels from anxiety for test, exams and speaking in public.this is a huge audience whom has yet to receive the proper solution. most products that are offered are simply drugs and don’t deal with the actual issue and certainly not with the stage prior to the D-day.

this is where we are different by addressing the issue and have people starting 1 month to 2 weeks prior to the test with step one and on the day of the test with step to we have received incredible results . and due to the fact that it is all based on pure natural ingredients there are no side effects

Naturax affiliate program caters to these customers by providing them the following important benefits:


Better price: We sell tax free Anxiety Solutions

Increased comfort: We provide free shipping worldwide

Simple & secure shopping: we offer a a simple buying process with the click of a button.

This is the time to get on board the leading affiliate program and take advantage of this incredible new market niche by offering your customers a truly quality products at a great price.

Join the success of Direct Net Partners’ cosmetics program today and maximize the potential.


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